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Three days, 460.4 miles of separation

Three days sounds like a lifetime to wait for a five year old and so it was to be expected that there would be tears in her eyes as I left for the station this morning heading to Cologne. It’s the longest I have been away from her…ever. I once spent a night away at… Continue reading Three days, 460.4 miles of separation

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I got mail!

Whats the first thing you see when you open your front door as you arrive home from work? If you are the first home then like me you are probably welcomed at best by a scattering of glossy pamphlets trying to sell you new windows or fascia boards, a home in a local (ish) retirement… Continue reading I got mail!

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I’ve found the off switch!

Frozen has a lot to answer for… Well a 7inch plastic Elsa doll to be precise…with a moulded blue dress and scratchy tule cloak attached with small slithers of surprisingly effective Velcro. And big almond shaped eyes. Did you know there are articles about the size of these eyes? The Psychology of Giant Princess Eyes.… Continue reading I’ve found the off switch!