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Three days, 460.4 miles of separation

Three days sounds like a lifetime to wait for a five year old and so it was to be expected that there would be tears in her eyes as I left for the station this morning heading to Cologne. It’s the longest I have been away from her…ever. I once spent a night away at… Continue reading Three days, 460.4 miles of separation

Mummy stories

I got mail!

Whats the first thing you see when you open your front door as you arrive home from work? If you are the first home then like me you are probably welcomed at best by a scattering of glossy pamphlets trying to sell you new windows or fascia boards, a home in a local (ish) retirement… Continue reading I got mail!


Hump Day??? What the…?

What is this "hump day" I say with indignance... ...some modern, slang term. I don't get it. Seems I'm only 52 years behind on this one! Often I was seeing it whilst catching up on social media on a Thursday...thus giving me a small out for my seemingly daft confusion or ignorance. Intrigued as to… Continue reading Hump Day??? What the…?


A smile money can’t buy…

I started a blog earlier in the holiday about how I was at a pivotal stage in my life…how I’d worked hard for years to build a career…blah blah blah. Today I told H that when we get home from holiday I won’t be working on a Friday so I’ll be home with her to… Continue reading A smile money can’t buy…

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10 things every busy working mum SHOULD do before bed!

Sour milk on the cereals, yoghurt spilt all over the carpet, the wrong kind of cornflakes, forgetting your purse and cringingly asking to borrow money from a fellow mum you hardly know to pay for school lunch, jumper inside out, train tickets left on the side in the hall, a scaffolding in your only… Continue reading 10 things every busy working mum SHOULD do before bed!


…I wish you enough…

I once said Goodbye to someone I cared about and my parting wish was that they would find “enough”. I knew what I meant but could not really explain. Then some years later I read this story... Recently I overheard a mother and daughter saying their goodbye's at the airport. The mother was elderly and it… Continue reading …I wish you enough…


When alright feels all wrong…

It's a scary time when you think things may be going off track. When your health can't be taken for granted, when your job security gets wobbly, your family start falling out. You rethink what you're doing, make resolutions to yourself that you'll change things if you get chance…just wanting everything to be alright. I've… Continue reading When alright feels all wrong…