A smile money can’t buy…

I started a blog earlier in the holiday about how I was at a pivotal stage in my life…how I’d worked hard for years to build a career…blah blah blah.

Today I told H that when we get home from holiday I won’t be working on a Friday so I’ll be home with her to spend the day together through the holidays. “And Saturday and Sunday too?” She asked. Her eyes wide trying to comprehend before getting excited. “Yes a whole extra day to the weekend together”.” “Yippee” she cried and gave me a very very big hug. She was beaming from ear to ear. A completely genuine 5 year old smile.

Sometimes you make decisions. Sometimes your hand is forced. Sometimes you feel so sorry for yourself that you’ve had to make a compromise and it’s all too easy to wail and whine and mope. Sometimes you make the best decisions when you are backed in a corner and have no other choice.

What decisions would you make if you weren’t so comfortable as you are? If you were made redundant? If you were forced to make a change?

Don’t wait. Make those decisions today. Take a calculated risk.

Work matters…of course it does. But a bigger salary cheque won’t buy you time…and it definitely won’t buy you a smile like the one I got today.IMG_3811


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