One pair of sea legs…lost at gym!

A cold, refreshing Peroni in the Sunset bar. Abandoned in favour of jungle boogie and movie night. But the sun is beaming down over the Mediterranean as I watch the waves billow a trail behind the boat. Showing where we have been…a track back to Cadiz if you cared to follow it…and I’ve been to the gym.

Sunset, sea and Peroni…what more could a girl ask for?

“Have you found your sea legs?” Luckily both H and I had done well to adapt to the boat. I replied to the text “of course!”as if a daft question.

And then I went to the gym.

Running on a tread mill facing starboard as the boat rocked in the bay of Biscay. Faster…slower…running uphill…sprinting to stay still…sloping backwards. I wasn’t touching the controls. Machine set on flat. My core muscles working hard just to help me keep my balance. The waves outside taunting me through the glass walls, exaggerating the sense of movement. I felt drunk. In the gym. On the running machine. Illubricated. I felt the end of the treads…more than once. But I picked up pace and rescued myself…just!

And then free weights. Oh boy! Two 12kg dumbbells above my head at the end of extended arms. Confident when on a 0 degree surface. Whilst rocking back and forth….not so much.

I did a lot of stretching to fill my hour. On the floor, lying on a mat. Good for my back and my balance. But I felt like I was cheating, got back on the treadmill and decided to do some sprints. Not let the sea get the better of me. I was laughing as I did. Where were my sea legs? An elderly gentleman beside me walking briskly in a starched cotton shirt…with cufflinks. He walked faster. I laughed louder. He broke into a jog. Now I’m singing out loud “the refle-fle-fle-fle-fle-flex…”pretending I feel fine. He is puffing pretty bad. My heart is racing at 165 and his face is getting redder and redder. I didn’t want to kill him so I hit the cool down button. We nodded at each other in “gym buddy” acknowledgment and I smiled to think he would be telling his wife at dinner how he gave me a real run for my money!

“Today has been great”. Hannah announced in the lift back on the boat. And she is right. Cadiz was beautiful. A lovely Spanish city with narrow, cobbled streets, nice buildings and sunshine…and coffee and churros in La Plaza de las Flores! We took the city sightseeing bus on request of H, who wanted to sit in the open top deck and she was a good judge. We saw the town, got to our intended destinations with ease and learnt about the history through earpieces which we shared so we could repeat what had been said to each other like little minor birds. H loved the game so much I was treated to lots of kisses and cuddles as we giggled at Spanish words she couldn’t say. “I’m funny when I say things like that aren’t I?”. Funny. Cute. Adorable. “Let me sit on your lap” she said. Still my baby too. “No it’s not cuddle time now Mummy. I need to be high up so I can see everything”…ok…maybe just clever!!

This afternoon we headed to the long white sands of Playa Victoria with far too much baggage for one and a half people…on a day trip. We had started our day with a trek in search of beach kit. And not just any kit. A pink bucket and purple spade was all that would be acceptable. I could have kissed the shop keeper when we found it in the first shop we visited, some 10 minutes off the beaten track, and H loved that it came in her very own waterproof rucksack…”now we have one each Mummy. Obviously the one you’re carrying is also mine but as its so heavy you can carry that one today”. So thoughtful!I eventually flopped down on the sun lounger to “have a relax” as H calls it. It was far from that…(and I have a whole separate blog on that subject!!!).

Despite a busy afternoon and a mild panic that we were going to miss the boat, we had a fabulous day. And the sun proved that it can hit a moving target as my back was quite red by the time we returned to the ship…. so out came my Aloe aftersun care kit for the first time this holiday. A spray and some lotion soon took out the sting…but it’s early days and I’m picky about my sun care products having learnt through trial and error in the past. Let’s see how they fair…better than my sea legs I hope!!




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