Have a relax now Mummy

Have a relax now mummy.

For 10 minutes while I play…

I’m building you a sand castle. Don’t watch…its just for you.
Close your eyes please Mummy. When it’s finished I’ll tell you.
But the sand is just too crumbly. It won’t stand up at all.
Come and get some water Mummy…I need you. I’m too small.

Have a relax now Mummy. I’ve a bucket full as can be.
You can have 10 minutes now…my sand is all soggy.

The waters disappearing…where is it going to?
Why does it do that Mummy….I’m digging as fast as two!
Can you turn it over Mummy…in case I get it wrong?
You can relax in a minute Mummy when this castle buildings done.

Have a relax now Mummy. The castle stands proud.
You can have 10 minutes now. I’ll try not make a sound.

There aren’t any shells Mummy and the stones are all too big.
My castle needs decorating. A princess is trapped within.
Come with me to collect some, down by the shore.
You can relax when it’s beautiful. For 10 minutes or more.

Have a relax now mummy. It’s as pretty as can be.
You can have 10 minutes. I’m happy now you see.

Now the castles finished I’m building a moat.
I’ve raked it, dug it, carved it, to keep the monsters out.
Now it needs some water. To fill it to the brim.
I’d go myself, you’d just say no…and I’d really like your help.

Have a relax now Mummy. I’ll stay beneath the shade.
You can have 10 minutes….now my play set has been made.

Now I’m feeling hungry. I need a muffin bun.
You put one in your bag you know for a certain little person.
Where is that gel stuff for cleaning my hands…

you take it everywhere?

Then I’ll sit by you and eat my cake. Would you like to share?

Have a relax now mummy. I’m happy with my bun.
You can have 10 minutes now. Lying in the sun.

The whole beach needs to know.
I’ll spit it out. I’ll gag. I’ll reach. It makes me feel quite ill.
I don’t like sandy buns at all. It’s aaawwful…
…I’ll just play.
But sand is on my face, my lips. Please wipe it all away.

Have a relax now Mummy. I’ve everything I need.
You can have 10 minutes now. Lay back and have a read.

You’re moving me under the shade again. You’re ruining my fun.
I’ll do you a deal if you take off my hat…ill stay out of the sun.
Close your eyes now Mummy. Im making a collection.
I am doing it just for you. My secret mummy selection.
What’s this now mummy? It’s squishy and odd. Can I use it to make a face?
A fag end, yuk?…no I’m in luck. A smoking sand man’s ace!

Have a relax now mummy. I’ve loads of bits and bobs.
You can have 10 minutes now. While I do my sandcastle jobs.

I’m bored of castles, moats and buns..I want to splash in the sea.
Get up mummy…put on my hat..you’ve got to come with me.
Woohoo and wahay and whoosh and sploosh. The waves are rolling in.
My pants are wet, I’m loving it but is that a white sharks fin?
COME OUT the deeper water, hold my hand and DON’T LET GO!
I know that’s a man, but sharks really can…eat girls and their mummy’s you know.

Have a relax now mummy. I’m puffed out with all that splash.
You can have 10 minutes now. Before we have to dash.

You know I loved that splashing, especially doing it with you.
But now I’m out, I’d like to change cos my clothes are all wet through.
No. No more cream. Just leave me be. You’ve done it three times already.
I’m on one leg. I’m in the sand. I just couldn’t keep myself steady.
I’m rolling, twisting… its sticking to me. Ha ha. I’m crispy chicken.

Don’t snap now mummy. You can soon relax. Now I’ve dressed myself in sand.
OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! You’re scratching me with your hand.
Forget the cream, just leave the sand. I’ll go home like I am.
It’s up my bum, it’s in my nose. Get 10 minutes while you can.

Now I need the toilet. I’m bursting. Quick, quick, quick.
I didn’t know I had to go. I’ll put on your shirt and…
It’s far too long, it’s big for me. It’s all your fault I fell.
Kiss it better. NO DON’T TOUCH. It’s hurting me like hell.
And I know you’ve come but I’ll go in myself. I’ll wipe it thoroughly.
And when we get back I’ll sit in the shade and have my chuppa lolly.

Have a relax now mummy. I’ll love this hard boiled treat.
You can have 10 minutes. I’m good when I’ve something to eat.

I don’t like this lolly…you can have it instead. It funny tasting, it’s green.
It’s not that it’s horrid for you Mummy…its just that I’m not keen.
I didn’t mean to put it in your hair! I thought you’d like a lick.
Don’t throw it away. Just bite off the top. I want to keep the stick.
That sticks a flag for the top of my castle. I’m leaving it here on the beach.
Oh no, it’s broken, the turrets falling down. GET UP! You can’t quite reach.

Have a relax now mummy. Now you’ve helped me fix my castle.
You can have 10 minutes. I’m not really any hassle…
…am I?

That lady’s talking different. Is that Spanish like we speak?
I know Hola, Te amo, Buenos noches. I’ll use them all this week.
What’s hair in Spanish, whats eyes, what’s nose? And is gracias Spanish thank you?
I’d like to learn a few more words. Check your phone if you don’t know.

Have a relax now mummy. But still tell me words to learn.
You can have 10 minutes and then to the boat we must return.

Oh look…your phones all sandy. If I do this will it scratch?
Put this bucket in your bag. There’s a watering can to match.
The slime inside? It wouldn’t come out. It’s on your shorts now too…
Oops. Yes your top, the backs all wet…I dipped that in the loo!

You CANT have a relax now mummy. We must get back to our boat.
Not even 10 more minutes…so I’ll smash my castle and moat.

There’s the red bus mummy…to get us back to the ship.
I think we’ve missed it mummy. What a funny end to our trip.
Will another one come if we stand at the stop? What if we get stuck here?
OH NO! OH NO! I’ve left my rock…it’s under your sun chair.
I can’t stop crying if I don’t have that rock. Please let me go back and get it.
I know its tight but no other rocks right. I NEED it to stop my tears.

Have a relax now mummy. We’re safely on the bus.
You can have 10 minutes now…but when we get off then RUSH!

I can’t go any faster. I need a drink…a wee.
I’m stumbling cos I’m really tired but mainly I’m thirsty.
Carry me mummy and you’ll go real fast. A piggy backs best for me.
My rucksacks rubbing, my legs they hurt, your heavy bags bashing me.

But I’ve loved today. It’s been just great… and soon you’ll relax Mummy.

But not for 10 whole minutes. No. That’s far too long I’d say.
You can relax while you read to me. You’ve been laying down ALL DAY!!


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