A few ice creams down…but room for shoes!

I have been overshadowed. Birthday wishes lost in the Facebook frenzy. Timelines rolling faster than the “new stories” flash could cope with. Outrage, disbelief, threats and name calling. I had to stop looking as I watched friends and families bickering. Disappointed at each other for using their vote and having an opinion…questioning democracy when it goes against their own view? In honest I was shocked at the result but I don’t believe anyone can predict how things will pan out so I’m just hoping for the best. I found the whole referendum a bemusing melee of promises, lies, scaremongery, table thumping, question avoiding, politically spun facts and figures…carefully selected and positioned in a context to convince, confuse, concoct. I felt ill informed and would have been quite happy if they had called the whole thing off…but I believe in having your vote.

“What happens now?” A tabloid headline. There are no certain answers. It’s massive…huge…but this mum is too busy to even open her birthday cards until 9pm, let alone panic about things that are outside my control. It will impact me, my business, my life. It’s cost me a few ice creams already as I left buying my euros until today! But in the longer term who knows how Brexit will be perceived.

We often crave change, but don’t like change, change is like going to bed without your favourite cuddly. “I always have Molly at bedtime” H said as I scoured the house, upturning the place like a one woman tornado…trying to find a missing rag doll. Under beds, in drawers, in dancing bags, in cupboards. Of the many, many cuddlies, only Molly will do. Eventually I found her. House upside down and she was under the duvet by Hannah’s feet all the time. H giggled “Oh my Looooord! I can’t believe she was hiding there”. She hadn’t known…this time. But it’s one that I’ll forget before H…banked in her sponge like mind for another night…when bedtime comes too soon.

And Molly has already been in the suitcase ready for holiday because “you can’t forget her Mummy” only to be retrieved each evening. We have quite a few friends coming along according to H… Molly, Darcey, Giraffe, Hooty, naked baby, my little pony, polly pocket with her pink house, blue cottage and silver castle…and games…memory game, shopping game, snap, tiddlywinks.

H had seen a red lightweight cabin case when shopping the other week and had paraded up and down the shop aisle with it, pulling it behind her like a high flying catwalk model on a shoot for Burberry. A haughty look, nose high, almost closed eyes and a ballet twirl as she turned around and headed back towards me. Fellow shoppers invisible, stepping briskly out of her way as she strutted. Some smiling, watching with pleasure, others disgruntled, I hear a “tut!”. Too old in their mindset to ever remember being young. Pity on them.

“I like this one. I think this one would be perfect”
“We don’t need another case”

Today I bought that case. I left it in the hall so she spotted it as soon as she came home with Nanny. “My suitcase, my suitcase. Look Nanny, I chose this for my toys!”. She ran into the kitchen towards me “Mummy you’re the BEST!”.

Yes, I am…

I now have room for shoes. 👠👡


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