A big salary won’t give you a hug..

Today I’m cheating with this blog. I’m re-using something that popped up as my Memory of the day…a Facebook function I simply love. Reminding you of funny moments, funny faces, friends we used to laugh with, friends we still hang out with…a younger you. Posts about your night in, tags about your night out, cartoon jokes you shared with an old style emoji 🙂 and those cringe-worthy posts saying a little too much about something that mattered too little to have warranted global comment.

A post I made on the eve of a big birthday. A reflection of my thoughts as I teetered on the edge of a new decade…contemplative and maybe a bit deep…but it still stands true…

They say “Life Begins at 40” so I have spent the last evening of my first 40 years of life thinking about what I have learnt and how it will change my next 40/50 and hopefully 60 odd years. They say you should never regret anything so I have wrapped up lots of potential regrets and poignant thoughts and I shall now adopt them as my mantras for life (in no particular order):
– There is more to life than work…a fancy title and big salary wont give you a hug when you are feeling down.
– Family should never be taken for granted…they may not always be around so make the most of them while you can.
– The most precious gift and the most rewarding thing you can do in life is be a parent…full stop!
– Appreciate the value of true friends (and loved ones)….invest in them with your thoughts, your actions and most of all…your time…unrequited love will eventually wane!
– If you feel it, let it show…cry more, smile more, hug more…people cant see you care through a poker face!
– Remember that its never about the winning…the real prize of life is the pleasure you get from taking part in the race.
– Call more…texts and messages rarely communicate what you are really trying to say
– A Porsche Carrera wont make me happy…but it might help me get there faster!!
– Its never too late or too long past to pick up the phone and catch up with that old friend…they are probably thinking the same about you.
– Love more…battle less!
– Drink less…dance more!
– And finally….Stop thinking an FB status update replaces a catch up over coffee…(after this one of course!!)

So as I look over the precipice of 40 years old…I would like to say “thank you” to all my family and friends…old and new. You have helped me through the good and the bad times and often been at the rough end of the learning curve they call life. I couldn’t have done it without you…and I hope you are sticking around for the rest of the ride. Life begins at 40…I’m just getting myself warmed up for the starting blocks…Ready, Steady…..Let’s GO!!! Love you all! xx

Since I wrote this I’d like to think I listened to my own advise and focused more on the important things but sometimes life just gets busy….and I still haven’t got that Carrera. Tonight H asked me how old I would be on my birthday. She watched me write the numbers on a scrap of paper in peach felt tip. “Hmmm” she said looking carefully ” that’s very old Mummy….are you really 14 tomorrow?”



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