No day before packing for me!

So I did it. A very busy few weeks at work plus I finished the Clean 9 plan…and I’m pleased with myself. It’s a good job I was doing it this week because my back has been very sore and to go to the gym has been out of the question. All the hard work last 2 months and in the sprint finish to my holiday I am unable to put the finishing touches to my bikini prep. But the C9 was great. I have lost some impossible to shift ripples of fat including the post baby muffin top. It’s been with me 4years and I am not sorry to say adieu!  In total I’ve shifted 5 inches and 5lbs without being able to do the exercise part of the plan. Not bad at all!

And I feel clear headed for the first time in years. Its probably thanks to my reduced caffeine intake as I didn’t drink coffee at all and no tea for the first 4 days. First coffee was bloody lovely on Saturday but whoosh…back came the fog! I should learn something from that but I do love a cappuccino. With sprinkles. Why do they ask if you want them? Surely it’s mandatory and should be an unwritten rule that you get the sprinkles unless you expressly request one without. A naked cino. There in body but no finish…but not for me. I’m more likely to be heard asking for more. Please barista…dont worry about a heart shaped template, nor a pretty pattern…just use that shaker pot well and go heavy on the sprinkles!

Enjoy yr sprinkles Mummy…I’m making the most of a muffin!

I’ve also been busy packing for our holiday. I don’t know if I’m very organised or just a bit odd but my packing starts at least a month before any holiday. Clothes gather on the bed in our spare room, set out in outfits for each occasion. Daytime, night time,  beach time, spill and need a spare time. And I make lists. List of what to take, things to do, things to remember. And I tick them off as I lay things on the bed, I tick in a different colour as I put them in the case and I asterisk items not yet found or to be purchased. It’s a military operation but keeps my stress levels down pre vacation. No day before packing for me!

I’ve quite enjoyed packing this time. 12 gorgeous evening outfits for Hannah. Pretty lilac tule, sparkly pink princess frills, hareem pantaloons, sailor girl suit, highly patterned skorts (yes a skirt / short combo…not a typo!) and gypsy style tunics. I’d filled two cases before realising I may need some clothes for myself!

Just room for a pair of shorts and a t-shirt for me then….?!


And I am loving the experience of seeing my very excited little darling, counting down the sleeps until we set off. I never realised she could count backwards, or subtract. But she can. Counting back to the 12 Mummy days we are both so looking forward to. It makes my heart skip to know that it wouldn’t really matter where we were going, she is excited because we are doing it together. Having our summer adventure…just H and me…and its going to be magical!

Of course I have eventually got round to getting my bits together…my own holiday wardrobe not quite so colour coordinated and definitely not as new! Although I have found a plethora of clothes hidden in the cupboard…purchased because they were gorgeous and one day I would slim into them. It’s been nice putting them on and realising the hard work has paid off and that day has come.

“Mummy you look different”. H stood behind me looking at my reflection in the full length mirror. I was trying on a black maxi dress with a crystal beaded halter neck. It hadn’t fitted when I last tried it on but now it was like a glove. “Why?” I asked her, a little bemused, “don’t you like my dress?”.  She threw her arms around my thighs and tilted her head to the left so I could see her beautiful beaming smile reflecting back at me. “I do like your dress mummy but I think you look different…I think you look FANTASTIC!”. Isn’t that just the best endorsement any Mummy could ever get?


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