Don’t skimp on the buffet garnish…

As always Saturday is a busy Mummy day. Dancing, a Queens 90th birthday party at the church hall, visit my nan and then a Golden Wedding Anniversary party in the evening. And I’m on day 2 of my C9 health programme. The garcinia capsules seem to be working to stave off the hunger but the lack of protein or carbs is making me tired. And my nan wanted chips for tea…

“You can eat chips outside the shop, from the paper Mummy”. A cheeky suggestive face looking up at me as I ordered at the fish & chip shop counter. “I wonder what that’s like Mummy?”. Head tilted, eyes peering up through a fringe in need of a trim. I pretended I wasn’t listening as the aroma of salt and vinegar and all things deep fried made my nostrils tingle and my belly rumble. “Nanna Doris won’t know if we keep it a secret will she…”. And so as soon as we were through the door I tore a small hole in the end of the paper parcel to allow little fingers to pull out a chip…which as expected ended up being two. Normally one would be kindly gifted to me so I was complicit in the “theft” but with steely willpower I allowed H to eat them both.

I felt very smug as I took my aloe gel and garcinia capsules and focused on the job in hand…to get myself ready and turn a fully face-painted clown into a party princess in an hour and 15. We did it with teamwork and role play…doesn’t every little girl love pretending to be at the beauty salon?


The golden wedding anniversary was for a fantastic couple…the parents of a very good friend whom I have known for more than 25 years…and I was very chuffed to have been invited. I sipped on my water “with a slice”, caught up with friends and danced with H. Then 9pm struck…the lights came on, there was a scraping of chairs and chinking of glasses as people headed to form a queue. Why do most British folk relish the idea of a good queue? Personally I avoid a queue wherever possible. It feels like such a waste of precious time, looking at someone’s back, jostling along like penguins to ensure you keep not more than a 10 inch gap between you and the person in front, dreading the idea of being beckoned (kindly) by a friend to join them and thus inviting the piercing glares that are thrown at a “push in”…

But I blooming love a buffet!

Nibbly bits, dippy bits, “one bite” pizzas (or is that just me?), crisps three ways, an array of sandwich fillings oozing with mayo or coleslaw. And the spicy bits…ooo…samosas, bajis, spring rolls. A British smorgasbord of fatty, moreish savouries to artfully sculpture onto a flimsy paper plate designed I’m sure to manage portions. The dignified of us try not to look too greedy whilst wanting to try “a bit of everything”…others simply build a good strong foundation with two plates and pile it high. And this was a good one. And H was keen to partake. So I helped H with her selection and graciously took the plate I was offered for myself and looked longingly.

Never before had I taken much notice of the other stuff….the lettuce, the cucumber, the spring onions, the tomatoes…cut in fancy shapes. But tonight I whooped to myself…and stole it all from under sandwiches and from the middle of platters. I destroyed the aesthetics of the table but all in good cause. And I enjoyed it thoroughly…as we did the party as whole. Happy Golden Anniversary Jess and Dave Upstone!

It’s not easy doing a healthy eating plan like Clean 9 and day 2 is very tough. But it opens your eyes and it’s made me realise…when planning a party in future…don’t skimp on the buffet garnish! L



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