I don’t like it…but I’m not going to show it!

Eating. It’s one of life’s pleasures. As a mum I seem to spend a lot of time planning how to weave activities around meals. Unlike a singleton, eating now sets a rhythm to each day. At weekends I even sit down for breakfast! And H loves food too…which is a blessing as not all kids are so easy and meals give us quality time to enjoy nice food and chat together.

She wanted to try wasabi peas the other day despite my cautioning against it…but she is keen to try new things and adamantly she did just that. At 4 years old she has already mastered the “I don’t like it but I’m not going to show it face” as she swiftly grabbed for her water to quell the burn. She turned down a second!

Given my love for food, I enjoy a fairly healthy diet (apart from fruit…I find fruit hard work!) but I eat big portions and snack too much. Doritos and dips…mmm. Surely I’m not the only one who has looked in bemusement at the bottom of the large foil bag, searching for crisps that have obviously escaped or been stolen whilst I was in a chilli heatwave and guacamole trance? It’s a Saturday night hazard often induced by the Casualty theme tune!

Despite a penchant for fatty crisps …(oh and Chinese takeaways)…I am driven by the fact that I a mum, and an older one at that. I want to see Hannah grow up, graduate, get married, have children maybe and that means I need to take care of myself and give myself the best chance to get the Kings telegram that I am setting my sights on. And so I  have decided that I need to adopt a healthier lifestyle. I’ve enrolled at a gym, started to eat better and have stopped drinking more than once a month. Yep, that means no glasses of “relaxation juice” in front of the TV!

Id not done a detox style plan before…nor been one for dieting. Starving myself? Doesn’t sound my cup of tea at all. But I’d heard about the fantastic results people were having when using a box of tricks called the C9. Like H, I like trying new things and as I’m now working with the Forever team Ive decided to give it a go.

Yesterday was day 1. I’ve been told the first 2 days are really hard as you’re calorie intake drops significantly. In fact, you take the supplements, fiber and protein shake and are only allowed to eat set fruit and vegetables in moderation. Yes…no “real” food… for 2 whole days. Sounds like hell!

The Forever C9 pack is pretty impressive with all you need including a step by step guide through the 9 day plan which starts with a measure up and weigh in. There are supplement capsules which are pretty big but I bite into them and lick out the goo inside. The taste reminds me of maroon glacé (chestnuts) so not too unpleasant at all. And the fiber sachets you have at snack time are savoury with a hint of aubergine about them. I actually really like those!

And of course you take the Forever Aloe Gel…which is slightly sweet, slightly medicinal tasting. Unlike Marmite I neither love it or hate it but I prefer the flavoured varieties. However as I’d already found taking it daily, Aloe gel seems to make me feel “full”. Not sure if that’s psychological but it works for me!

To be honest being busy at work all day meant that it was evening before I really noticed any urge for food having only had the chocolate protein shake at lunchtime and a snack of broccoli and cauliflower florets. As the chocolate cupboard called, I had to steal myself …”stay strong”…and I sent myself to bed to resist temptation.

Considering she had had a “bad dream” H was full of smiles at 2am when she came sneaking into my bed. Despite my initial stance, I crumbled and let her stay. We slept really well…waking up in a two person T shape with H’s head in the crook of my waist.

And it’s day 2…and I survived day 1…but now it’s Saturday and I’m smelling toasted bagel and thinking of how good the glistening, shiny, silver lining of a Doritos bag looks. And as I lick the goo, neck the gel and drink my protein shake…I’m pulling THAT face!

Toasted hand decorated bagel Mummy?…weekend temptation on the C9!!

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