Thunder completely does not scare me…

I never knew that facing my fears would be an obligatory part of the parenting toolkit and hopefully I’ll never have to tackle a black mamba to prove my worth as a brave Mum…but as a child thunder storms always used to terrify me. It’s a silly fear and one I don’t want to pass on to H.

We are very lucky to have a large recreational meadow next to our house and make the most of it whenever we can. Last night we were “running mad” as H calls it, chasing and tackling in the field when I saw a flash in the distance. “Let’s go”, I said “there’s going to be a storm”. As if Haribo had just launched the best ever new confectionery treat I was greeted with a hop, skip, jump, a loud “Yippee” and a very big beam. “I told Nanny I wanted to meet a storm. And now I can!”

A little girl in a pretty pink dress standing on a bench waiting for the storm. Cute as a button…but the dark clouds rolled over, the rumbling grew closer and the lightening started to strike over the neighbouring valley. So what do you do…face your fear or face a possible tantrum or at the very least a sulk? I dug into the reserve, decided I had to show a good example and told myself that thunder did not scare me…no not at all.

And boy did the storm throw itself at me and my little one in the middle of that 15 acre field! And didn’t she just love it…chasing around as the rain lashed down and the sky growled at us….goading us to give up and admit defeat. I felt like a child myself giggling uncontrollably as we tried to find shelter…and I forgot to be afraid of the storm.

No…it wasn’t the rumbling thunder or the streaks of lightening that got me last night. As I cowered in a corner against the fence trying to shelter from the torrential downpour with little H under my wing I realised that it’s the fear of missing these moments that really rock you. None of us know how much time we will have together but we should all make sure we try to make every second count.

We ran for it in the end, getting soaked through to the skin and I squealed and skipped as loud and joyfully as H. Give me the memories, give me the warm summer rain…even bring on the thunder…it completely does not scare me!

Drying off after our stormy adventure

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