18kilos of fast speed child…

…hurtling towards me…then launching…legs tucked under and arms reaching out towards me. What do you do? Well I tried to catch and swing and thrill. And she squealed with delight. Despite the momentary Super Mum status I wouldn’t recommend it as an option. I put my back out. Ouch!

So that was the bad part of the day. Working from home in the sunshine finishing my budget plan wasn’t too bad at all. But I also received a box…not just any box. A “business box” of goodies which will help me start my new adventure with the Forever brand…and I couldn’t help be a little bit excited!

I must admit I have been cynical about this in the past but the growth in this sector, the quality of Forever products, the superb training and infrastructure and of course the opportunity to earn some extra cash intrigued me. I really would like a new car and a fancy one at that…so that’s my goal! Let’s see how I get on…

I was as restless as my 4 yr old at bedtime. Partly it was hot (hurray for a few days of summer!) but I had horrid back ache so I rooted through my “business box” as I knew it contained a tube of Forever Aloe Heat Lotion. Apply liberally it says but I didn’t actually use a lot because it is a very smooth, silky lotion which covers a good area of skin. I then massaged the effected area (if you have a pair available then a helping hand with this bit would be good!) It smelt like Germolene (for those who remember Germolene of course…thank you Jan for the prompt on this one) and at first nothing. It took a couple of minutes to take effect but it then gave quite a powerful warming sensation and I don’t remember much else…it soothed my back and I fell asleep. Job done I’d say!

Tomorrow I must avoid trying to be a playground ride for a small child. I will however be using some more heat lotion and stretching a lot. Back ache and busy do not mix!! L x

If you too have a heavy child that you can’t resist swinging high until they squeal then you can buy the Forever Aloe Heat Lotion from my website using this link: https://shop.foreverliving.com/retail/entry/Shop.do?store=GBR&language=en&distribID=440101544041&itemCode=064

Or if you’d like to know more about the Forever business opportunity then please contact me and I’ll call you for a chat!

The Forever Business Owners “welcome” box

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