…I wish you enough…

I once said Goodbye to someone I cared about and my parting wish was that they would find “enough”. I knew what I meant but could not really explain. Then some years later I read this story... Recently I overheard a mother and daughter saying their goodbye's at the airport. The mother was elderly and it… Continue reading …I wish you enough…


When alright feels all wrong…

It's a scary time when you think things may be going off track. When your health can't be taken for granted, when your job security gets wobbly, your family start falling out. You rethink what you're doing, make resolutions to yourself that you'll change things if you get chance…just wanting everything to be alright. I've… Continue reading When alright feels all wrong…

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I’ve found the off switch!

Frozen has a lot to answer for… Well a 7inch plastic Elsa doll to be precise…with a moulded blue dress and scratchy tule cloak attached with small slithers of surprisingly effective Velcro. And big almond shaped eyes. Did you know there are articles about the size of these eyes? The Psychology of Giant Princess Eyes.… Continue reading I’ve found the off switch!


Have a relax now Mummy

Now with photos! Enjoy! X


Have a relax now mummy.

For 10 minutes while I play…

I’m building you a sand castle. Don’t watch…its just for you.
Close your eyes please Mummy. When it’s finished I’ll tell you.
But the sand is just too crumbly. It won’t stand up at all.
Come and get some water Mummy…I need you. I’m too small.

Have a relax now Mummy. I’ve a bucket full as can be.
You can have 10 minutes now…my sand is all soggy.

The waters disappearing…where is it going to?
Why does it do that Mummy….I’m digging as fast as two!
Can you turn it over Mummy…in case I get it wrong?
You can relax in a minute Mummy when this castle buildings done.

Have a relax now Mummy. The castle stands proud.
You can have 10 minutes now. I’ll try not make a sound.

There aren’t any shells Mummy and the stones are…

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One pair of sea legs…lost at gym!

A cold, refreshing Peroni in the Sunset bar. Abandoned in favour of jungle boogie and movie night. But the sun is beaming down over the Mediterranean as I watch the waves billow a trail behind the boat. Showing where we have been…a track back to Cadiz if you cared to follow it...and I've been to… Continue reading One pair of sea legs…lost at gym!